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{2018 NSAC Competition}

The Challenge: Millennials are taking over the world, how can Ocean Spray get their attention?

The Strategy: The heart of Ocean Spray isn't that much different than the heart of Millenials. Ocean Spray has the opportunity to increase brand equity and household penetration among Millenials by supporting their desire to elevate their everyday lives by positioning Ocean Spray as sharing their commitment to never settling.

Sensation Seekers try new things, push boundaries and strive for more. Their drive comes from an inner creativity, and a refusal to take the first option presented to them. Despite their desire to live boldly, sometimes their insecurities and fears hold them back. Ocean Spray has experienced this struggle over the years, but kept improving itself and the cranberry industry through hardships. 

Long story short, we created a $10 million and $5 million campaign to increase brand awareness and sales among millennia's aged 25 to 34.

The Full Campaign Book

If you like the design, thank you that was me. If you don't like it... honestly neither do I, frankly I'm tired of looking at it. 

But it won 1st Place so someone out there thinks it's cool.


No stock footage here folks.


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The Team

Team Lead

Alli Ninmann
Project Management

Rachel Sowell

Mary Buzbee
Charlotte Frank
Elizabeth Swartz
Nelle Thomas

Piper Giddings

Hughston May

Caleb Ledbetter


Allie Burton

Abigail Wolfe


Grace Golden

Tricia Sylvia


Lindsay Rudoff

Connor Schobel

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