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Magic the Gathering: Kaldheim

Venturing into Kaldheim, the 86th expansion of Magic: The Gathering, our quest was to meld the ancient with the contemporary, portraying its Norse-mythology essence to a digital-savvy audience. Our strategy hinged on utilizing Instagram's native features to its fullest, crafting a narrative that resonates while introducing the epic realms of Kaldheim. Through Instagram Story Sagas, we narrated age-old tales with a modern twist, while the Realms of Kaldheim Panoramas offered a seamless digital vista of the game’s new frosty domain, showcasing the expansive lore awaiting every Planeswalker.

Instagram Story Sagas

Celebrating the resurgence of sagas in the game, we took to Instagram Stories to spin the ancient tales natively across multiple frames. This digital storytelling technique immersed users in the rich lore of Kaldheim, paying tribute to the grand tradition of narrative in this icy realm, while rejoicing in the spirited return of sagas.

Realms of Kaldheim Panoramas

The 10 realms form the heart of Kaldheim's mystical landscape. We unlocked an uninterrupted visual journey for users by leveraging a channel hack on Instagram. Utilizing the platform's organic gallery feature, we reimagined the artistry, crafting a seamless panoramic vista of each realm. This creative maneuver allowed users to scroll through the captivating expanses of Kaldheim, each swipe a step further into the heart of the Viking-inspired saga.

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