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The game? Escape Room.
The setting? An actual Arby’s restaurant, recreated inside the Instagram Story feature. 

Arby's Virtual
Escape Room

Creative Director: Jennifer Barclay

ACD: Scott Hunt

Copywriter: Orin Heidelberg

Arby's, with its knack for social innovation,

is all about bending norms. We ventured into uncharted territory by hacking Instagram to create

a unique gaming experience right within the platform.

Collaborative Gameplay Experience

In a groundbreaking initiative on Arby’s Instagram channel, users came together as a single decision-making entity. Through Instagram Story features like polls, they navigated a real-time 'Escape the Room'

challenge, collectively steering the narrative.

In-depth Preparation

Our journey began with a meticulous frame-by-frame analysis to map

out the entire storyline of the Escape Room narrative. A decision tree

was engineered to envision all possible narrative trajectories, laying

the groundwork for a rich, interactive storytelling experience.

Creative Execution

Harnessing the essence of interactivity, we crafted 97 distinctive Instagram pieces—ranging from videos and Boomerangs to photos, animations, and graphics. This arsenal of content fueled the dynamic storyline, keeping users engaged and eager for what's next.

Bonus Unveiling

To amp up the excitement, we unveiled a 'Secret' unbranded Instagram page with 51 creatively curated posts. This treasure trove of Easter eggs, red herrings, and clues transported users beyond the main channel, engaging them in a hunt for answers through a network of influencer partnerships and other unanticipated Instagram realms.

Content Creation

With a narrative to tell, our mission extended into custom content production right within an Arby’s store. We not only scripted the game's narrative but also constructed additional visual elements, stitching everything into a seamless, playable game that resonated with the Instagram community.

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